Playwright, Lyricist, Librettist
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Swell is a new multi-disciplinary collaboration between Melisa Tien and Jeff Tang.

Blue wave_thornley.jpg


a new music-theatre work

by Melisa Tien +

a bevy of talented composers

(Blue Wave by Blair Thornley)


I’m collaborating with composers Carolyn Chen, Joshua Cerdenia, Izzi Ramkissoon, Tamar Muskal, Polina Nazaykinskaya, Or Matias, Jorge Sosa, Kamala Sankaram, Deepali Gupta and others on a multi-disciplinary music-theatre work about immigrants+children of immigrants, written by immigrants+children of immigrants.

The piece will engage the talents of 10+ composers from different parts of the world. Every artist involved is an immigrant or child of an immigrant, contributing their voice to the contemporary global immigration narrative.